What We Practice

Our philosophy to live out God’s plan for his church places emphasis on worship, ministry, fellowship, discipleship and evangelism.


  • We are dedicated to DECLARING that there is but one God, the God of the Bible, revealed to us as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. 1Timothy 2:5-6
  • We are dedicated to HONORING Jesus Christ supremely as Head of our church and the center of our fellowship with each other. John 1:14
  • We are dedicated to ACKNOWLEDGING the Bible to be the sovereign and inspired Word of God. 2Peter 1:21
  • We are dedicated to DISCERNING the will of God for our church following biblical methods. Romans 12:1-2


  • We are dedicated to POSSESSING and COMMUNICATING the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in the Holy Bible. Acts 4:12
  • We are dedicated to SHARING the message of salvation through personal faith in Jesus Christ our Savior, the Son of God. 2Timothy 2:1-2


  • We are dedicated to CARING for each other in a way that shows an active love for God and people. 1Timothy 1:5
  • We are dedicated to ORGANIZING after the model provided in the New Testament, both spiritually and functionally, following the biblical example of selecting men to stand as pastor, preachers and deacons. 1Timothy 2 & 3
  • We are dedicated to PROMOTING biblical citizenship by participating in our local government and by serving our community. 1Peter 2:13-17
  • We are dedicated to EXALTING Jesus Christ our Savior through our music, prayers and praise. Philippians 4:8-9


  • We are dedicated to CELEBRATING the family and encouraging men and women to fulfill biblical roles within the family. 1Peter 3:1-16
  • We are dedicated to GROWING in Bible knowledge and practice and sharing that knowledge with others. Acts 10:34-43
  • We are dedicated to SELECTING, TRAINING, and APPOINTING church leaders based on the standards of the New Testament. Acts 1:20-25


  • We are dedicated to FOUNDING new churches after the New Testament pattern, and assisting those already in existence. John 6:27
  • We are dedicated to SPREADING the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout our city, state and into the uttermost parts of the world through support of missions. Matthew 28:18-20
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